LD3 is San Mateo County Service Locator.

What it does

It’s a platform to enable viewing GeoJSON layers. Since point data is often in spreadsheet form, a related development project is tooling to create a GeoJSON (point) layer from a spreadsheet. (See “CSVToGeo” on github.)

I’ve deliberately made it as decoupled as possible, so that collaborators can easily add layers and specify visualization without any coding.

Copyright R. A. Reitmeyer, 2016.

This page would not have been possible without the following:

  • D3 by Mike Bostock
  • Leaflet by Vladimir Agafonkin
  • Handlebars.js by Yehuda Katz
  • The (optional) pretty layer selector is courtesy of Greg Gladman
  • OpenStreet Map
  • CartoDB.com
  • Data comes from several sources:
  • School performance data from CA Dept of Education
  • School District shapes from the US Census (TIGER)
  • Other data is from the Open San Mateo data portal.

Disclaimer: The summary of licenses above is intended to be a quick summary and may not be complete, up-to-date or accurate. Please have your own legal team review the licenses above before using in a commercial product.